I was born in the Washington DC area, attended Dartmouth College, spent some time in health care consulting, studied yoga in India, and then made my way to medical school at Penn in Philadelphia. While there I did research on breast cancer, telomeres, and acupuncture. Residency then brought me out to San Francisco to UCSF where I did residency training in Family Medicine (this post helps explains that choice). During residency, I began teaching yoga at the San Francisco General Hospital, rotated on the Navajo Reservation, and successfully worked on getting sodas out of hospital vending machines. I'm now a practicing primary care physician in the Bay Area. I care for patients of all ages from newborns to the end of life. My goal is to partner with and empower people to prevent illness, manage chronic diseases, and live in optimal health. I have a strong interest in food and nutrition, seeing over and over again how diet and lifestyle can profoundly influence health.